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This is the spot to get our maps. For info about Avenza Maps, map formats and other details, click here. Our Avenza map store page is here.

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Do you need Live or Offline?


Live maps are the most up-to-date version, but you need network reception, and they will use mobile data. They also don’t have contour lines, but apart from that are the same as offline maps. There are also some mobile apps which allow this data to be cached or downloaded for offline use.

You can use our web-app (basically a web-page) or any one of more than a dozen apps which support our map tiles. See below for more info.

Offline (Downloaded)

Downloading the maps to your device lets you run without phone reception, without data usage (even in airplane mode) or use a device which isn’t connected to the internet. Apps which do this include OziExplorer and Avenza.

Getlost Maps Live (including adding to OSMAnd)

Getlost Maps Live has more features all the time as we are actively working on it. It is also used for testing new map features so it’s the first place to see them.

How do I download offline maps?

  • Click the appropriate DOWNLOAD link below 
  • You probably want to change to a list view using this button in the top-right of the screen: 
  • Find the map or Folder of maps you want by navigating through, opening folders as you need to.
  • RIGHT-CLICK and select Download on the file or folder you want. 
    When you hover over the file/folder you want, a “Download” link may appear to the right. Click that. 

Current Versions

Version 16b (May 2023)

  • New symbology for major features including Huts, campsites and toilets to make them clearer at a glance
  • Thousands more campsites, more Points of Interest. We have gone out and manually added tracks and features to increase the reliability of the maps, on top of using multiple data sources.
  • 25000 public toilets added to the map
  • Special colour coding for campsites which are near toilets (green) compared to those which are note (white) to make it super easy to find the kind of camp you need
  • Hut and ruin data corrections and updates
  • Dominant Vegetation layer (where available) now shows the common name of the main tree species in a given area, e.g. Mountain Ash, Narrow Leaf Peppermint, Snow Gum
  • Hunting Areas data (where available) updated and reintroduced using a new labelling process along landuse area borders.
  • Bushfire and logging data updated to include the previous year’s activity (where available).
  • Symbology, labelling, clarity and data improvements.
  • This version is now rolling out and will become available for all States and Territories progressively.

Version 15

  • Our brand new Track Slope Analysis algorithm warns you of the steep bits are, on 4wd tracks all across Australia
  • 1700+ new campsites added, UHF and amatuer repeaters, SOTA peaks, and other POIs
  • Private and Management-vehicles-only roads clearly marked with their own symbology
  • Hut and ruin data corrections and updates
  • Bushfire data updated to include the previous year’s fires
  • Base data updated, including new Victorian Seasonal Road Closures data for 2021 (it changes every year)
  • Other symbology improvements and better satellite base shading

Current Maps

Australia @ 250k Series – V15

State Series

Victoria 75k Series – V16b

Victoria 25k Series – V16b

NSW 75k Series – V15

NSW 25k Series – V15

Tasmania 75k Series – V15

Queensland 75k Series – V15

South Australia 75k Series – V15

Northern Territory 75k Series – V14b

Western Australia 75k Series – V15

Special Maps Series

Index Maps

Huts and Ruins

We’ve created our own huts and ruins datasets and are making them freely available so you can upload them into your GPS unit. There simply isn’t anything else available like this for Australian huts.

Huts confirmed as being there using satellite imagery are listed with names and other information where known, those with locations / status which can’t be confirmed are listed as “approx”. Never rely on a hut being where you think it is – they fall down, they burn down, they might not be there – always take a tent – huts are for emergency shelter only.


OziExplorer Screens and Other Stuff

We use non-standard OziExplorer screen configurations, which you’re welcome to download and use as well if you want. DOWNLOAD THEM HERE or try those made by Ian Davidson here.

Anything else we didn’t have a specific spot for is also available HERE.

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  1. You are doing a fantastic job! These maps are excellent. Please try to stay active.
    Its a pity you dont have more voluntary support, you deserve it.

  2. Hi,
    Is there any way to preview map tiles to determine their location?
    For example, I know where Lawn Hill Gorge is in relation to Qld, but where is Yetman and how will I know whether to download it or not. I’d rather not download blind?

    Thank you

    1. Definitely use, then switch on the layer telling you the name of the map you want for that spot. šŸ˜‰

  3. Very impressed with the live maps. Just got it running on Motion-X and I’ll be trying it this weekend out on the motorbike.

  4. These look Great, Terrific work!
    I am just downloading all the SA Offline maps for Avenza.

    Is there any kind of key to help me work out which map is best for an area without hunting through each one? Have I missed it somewhere?

  5. Thanks for the new version. Pity the resolution is poorer than earlier versions, worse than v14 when it started to deteriorate. The text is pixelated, to be honest it looks ugly. This might be done to make the map sizes manageable, but for me resolution is the critical factor, size is unimportant. Please dont see this as a complaint, rather a suggestion for future releases. I appreciate that it is free and willing to help and donate more if the maps can be improved.

  6. Thanks guys, really appreciate all your work here. I’m an OziExplorer on Android user – which these work brilliantly on. Will you also be producing a single (or a small number of) map(s) for non-Victorian states (similar to the East/West version of Victoria)?

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