Version 15 is Live!

It’s done! Version 15 is now live on all platforms, and it includes some pretty special new features. As always, all the maps are right here for you to download, for free. Take one or take them all, and please share them around with people you know. We passed 30 million free maps downloaded not long ago, and we are not slowing down.

Our brand new Track Slope Analysis algorithm warns you of the steep bits are, on 4wd tracks all across Australia. We identified 4wd tracks across the country, broke them up into little bits then analysed each one of those slices to see how steep it was, marking every one which might be worth knowing about. The rough ‘steepness’ it takes to get marked is supposed to be low-range 2nd gear and some speed to get up it, especially if it’s wet. We will continue tweaking the algorithm in successive versions, so for now we opted to make it a bit too sensitive rather than not sensitive enough.

Private and Management-vehicles-only roads clearly marked with their own symbology. We are still reliant on what information is in the data we can access, but it’s better than nothing? At least we hope it is.

Lots of new Points of Interest: 1700+ new campsites added, UHF and amateur repeater locations, SOTA peaks,. Hut and ruin data corrections and updates, and more.

Base data updated, including new Victorian Seasonal Road Closures data for 2021 (it changes every year), bushfire data updated to include the previous year’s fires

And then there are the other symbology improvements together with better satellite base shading resolution, and the rest of the stuff I can’t remember.

New 1:250,000 Mapsheets

The 250k series is now in more smaller mapsheets. This was necessary to allow us to include the new improvements we have rolled out to the other series. It was simply too much complexity to include in the massive 250k sheets we were using before, which are actually designed for a 1:1-million scale. So there are lots more sheets to cover the same area, but there is lots more info on them. We’ve also stitched them into a single sheet for Oziexplorer users, which makes deploying them on your device easy AF.

Everything Zipped

We have zipped every series and made that zip file available for download next to the link to the folder. If you want one map, or a selection, use the folder and take what you want. If you want all of them, just download the pre-zipped set.

Live maps

We are constantly updating our Getlost Live maps. What version are they at? They vary depending on where you look, but they’re moving towards V15 at all scales across the whole country. Zoomed out, the maps is a bit different, because Getlost Maps aren’t really designed around those big scales yet, but once you zoom in a bit, it switches to Getlost Maps.


NT and WA have not been updated, because we’re waiting on substantive new data to come in so they can get an upcoming massive improvement … watch this space! They are of course covered by the new 250k series.

Download Now

Get your new V15 maps now at The Map Table, or inside Avenza or anywhere else you use them.