Queensland Released; joining NSW, Vic & Tas @1:75k V12a

Queensland is complete at 1:75,000 in 140 large sheets. It joins NSW, Vic and Tas also all available at that scale. The rest of the country is still at 250k for now.

Qld track and other data is fairly good, with only index contours visible at 75k as we do in other states at this scale. The tracks are a mixture of three different sources, all of which are absolutely useless on their own, but when all represented together form a useful map. You’ll see them independently resented in red, black and purple. The whole state is 140 large sheets – it was either that or cut it up into 750 sheets, which seemed like a lot. Turns out, Qld is quite large.

Qld 75k series

Hillshade and Resolution Improved

As part of building Qld, we put together a national, high resolution hill-shade layer. We then applied this to all the other series as well.

This allowed us to re-issue NSW, Vic and Tas at a higher resolution than we were able to before; up from 160 to 220 dpi. This makes them much clearer, especially when zoomed in. You’ll find them all now available at V12a.

New hillshade in action

Both Qld and the newly high-res and hillshaded series are all ready for download on the website. Avenza has them as well with most ready to go already and the rest live in a day or two.


Thank you

A big thank you to everyone who has donated to the project. It didn’t cover the new costs but it certainly helped.

We purchased the new computer, which is what allowed us to produce Qld and Tasmania and improve all the other series without it taking a month of processing time.

We also upgraded our online storage to a more expensive plan to be able to deliver all these maps, with over 350Gb of them now available to download.

If you would like to contribute to the project and help us pay for ongoing updates and development, it would be very much appreciated. We hope to keep expanding and do the whole country in free topo maps as soon as we can!