NSW is here! Large scale coverage of NSW.

NSW at 1:75,000 sample

NSW is finally done! The whole state is covered at 1:75k (same as Vic) and most of the state is at 1:25k as well. At 24 May 2020, the 75k series is ready to download – the 25k series will be available shortly.

This is our first go at NSW, but we’ll tie it in to the existing version numbers so NSW will begin at v12 (Vic is at v11 right now).

The national series already covered NSW at 1:250k, but that uses a different data source and is nowhere near as detailed. The new NSW series have full topography, multiple track and road data sources, rivers, creeks, lakes, gates, campsites, huts, etc – everything you’d expect from Getlost Maps. 1:75k has 50m contours and hill shading, while 1:25k has 10m contours. There are more labels on the 25k series, but the 75k is probably better for route planning and the like, and has almost the same level of detail, if a bit squished.

Our first NSW series doesn’t have some of the more specialised data just yet, like seasonal track closure information, hunting info, marine and bathymetry data, but we will move towards identical information coverage or as close as we can get to that.

NSW at 1:25,000 sample

There will be bugs and stuff missing – that’s to be expected as this is our first go at NSW. For example, from what we can see, the track names seem spotty in some places, with the tracks visible but name-less. This is to be expected at the smaller scales but it’s odd at 1:25,000 so we’ll chase that down. Better the track is there without a name than the name is there without a track I s’pose.

The Avenza uploads are underway, so the whole series should be available in there shortly. Direct downloads are ready now, from The Map Table.

And yes, every one of these maps is available absolutely free. Download one or two of 1000 of them – grab as many as you like. We’ve had over 10 Million Getlost Maps downloaded so far, and the more the merrier.

NSw 1:25k sample, zoomed out

If you can spare a dollar and you’d like to support our ongoing work (and maybe help me get a faster computer so it doesn’t take 6 days of 24/7 processing to produce a single series), please consider making a donation or buying a map bundle through Avenza (we get about half the bundle cost).