New Releases: Version 11 (Vic) & 250k National Series

Version 11 for Victoria is out at 1:25,000 and the new scale of 1:75,000. The whole country is covered at 1:250,000.

25k sample

At smaller scales Version 11 includes the relief shading, and at larger scales it has hunting information and a number of improvements. Huts, ruins and campsites are significantly expanded, and Victorian seasonal road closures now include the dates each road opens and closes. Huts (and their ruins) include build (and rebuild and destruction) dates as well as all known names. Colours have been improved slightly for clarity.

New 75k Series replaces both 50k and 100k

New 75k Series

The new 75k series replaces both the 50k and 100k series, and includes both 100m contour lines and relief shading, along with all the other V11 improvements. Victoria comes on 70 sheets. There is a whole-of-Victoria single sheet as well for OziExplorer.

New 250k National Series

New 250k Series Released

The new 250k series covers the whole of Australia, and comes in great big mapsheets; Victoria is on just 2 sheets and the whole country is only 49 sheets.

Detail is reduced at that scale, and to make the transition seamless some of the data sources are different to the larger scale maps so there will be slight differences. As this scale is more for long distance route planning, we’re hoping these changes won’t cause too much drama, and we hope expanding coverage to the entire country in one go was worth it.


Avenza is having trouble with the new 250k sheets, with about 1/3 them not processing properly. We will probably have to take data out of the series to get them to load into the store, as they’re too information-dense for their servers to process. You might still be able to load them manually from the GeoTiff files but this may depend on your device.

The other series will be uploaded and will go into their approval queue, and once released by them, they’ll come up in your device as updatable. We send them to Avenza but it takes time for them to update their end.

Map-for-map, new 25k will replace the old 50k series, as we’re doing 25k scale on the bigger 50k sheet size. The new 75k maps will replace the old 100k for the same reason, so if you have a 100k map of somewhere, when it updates you’ll find yourself with a 75k map with the same boundaries. This should happen automatically for anyone who already has those maps.

If you have a 25k bundle, a new bundle will be created to automatically replace your maps with the new bigger sheets so you won’t lose out. For those with a 100k or 50k bundle, you’ll get the 75k series. It has all the features of the 50k maps, in oversize sheets, with relief shading. This process will happen by itself over the next week or two so watch your device for update notifications.

Download Now

All map files are accessible from The Map Table.
Our Avenza online store is also updated.

All our maps are free, as always.

2 Replies to “New Releases: Version 11 (Vic) & 250k National Series”

  1. U are a bloody legend mate
    U mere stop
    Update too bloody awesome
    I just wish I could use em better
    I am using en through Avenza
    But find it frustrating slow and for ever trying to up date them
    I use them on an iPad
    Am I better off using Ozexpore
    But is there an iPad version?????

    1. Oziexplorer is only for androids (tablets and phones). Avenza isn’t perfect but once the maps are approved by them, they should allow you to update what you have. If you were running 50k maps, you’ll need to manually download 75k maps to replace them unless you had a bundle.
      They are big maps, lots of data, they’re going to be slow to download for lots of people (including me!).

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