Getlost Maps V11 In Production

1:75k example

Version 11 (Victoria) is now being produced.

It will come in three scales;

  • 1:75,000 will be put on the old 1:100k mapsheets (which cover the state in 70 sheets), complete with their pretty new relief shading as well as 100m contours.
  • 1:25,0000 will come out on the old 1:50k mapsheets, with the state on 431 sheets.
  • A new 1:250,000 series will be produced, in a few sheets as possible, with the intention being that the whole country can be produced at this scale first even before we drill down in each State

New in V11:

  • Relief shading added to smaller scales making things a bit easier to visualise
  • EVEN MORE huts, campsites and ruins marked
  • Huts and Ruins have dates where known – huts have construction dates, ruins have construction and destruction dates and names of what was there, where we have the data
  • Seasonal Road Closures have the dates on them, both open and close, because they vary a surprising amount (up to 6 weeks difference between tracks in some areas)
  • Hunting information, including where deer and where ferals can be taken on state land. These sometimes overlap, but we have been surprised at some places they don’t (eg you can hunt deer, but not rabbits in much of the state forest in the Thompson Dam catchment – all that area south of the Matlock road)
  • Ferry routes added
  • Various clarity and overlay improvements making things clearer

The full sets are still a week or two away, but you can check out the demo maps as they come, here.