Tasmania Version 0.1

Taswegians! Version 0.1 is ready.

This is a pre-production version, so it is not at every scale or in every format, and it still needs work, but it’s quite usable for many purposes – I’m using it right now! It’s on big sheets (250k index sheets) but the actual scale is about 1:75,000, which is around 10m per pixel. It has shaded relief but this one doesn’t have contours (they double the time it takes to ‘print’ it out).

It has most of what you’d expect from a Getlost Map; all the roads, tracks and paths I could find, national parks and conservation reserves, timber harvesting and game reserves, rivers, lakes and more. It has a forest layer, and then a new Tea-tree (sp leptospermum) layer which I’m told is where you’d find a Tasmanian Deer.

Some quite a few things are missing at the moment; Town names for starters, many of the points of interest like huts and campsites … I have them, don’t worry, they’re just not on this print. There are also a bunch of walking tracks missing which I will need to track down, because I know I have the data, but it didn’t seem to print. Some of this is finding the happy medium between different data sources and getting use to how much I can rely on the Tas Govt data.

With that aside, I’m happy to take any feedback you might have!

Download from here.