Hunting Data

Example of symbols in testing

Deer Hunters, or should I say Dear Deer Hunters?

I’m trying to fit newly acquired Deer hunting areas into the map. I’d like it to be usable, but not overpower everything else (it’s not a dedicated deer-hunting map – it’s used for all sorts of things).

Bigger scale with other features

How does this method (above) strike you? The letters next to the deer symbol stand for Sambar, Hogg and Other. In the example at the top you have a Sambar-only area, and an area where multiple types can be taken.

Also, the little ‘cats’ or ‘foxes’ are areas where pest species can be hunted.

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  1. Looks great man! Easy to understand and not overpowering other aspects of the map. Excellent that you are catering to hunters. Fantastic work as always. Thanks heaps 🙂

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