Index, Specials and Large Maps Updated

Index Maps

The index file doesn’t change much, so it hasn’t been updated since V8 – but it has now been refreshed. It should be clearer and easier to use in its new form. It’s been sent to Avenza and is also available through The Map Table.

New Index V10e – click for full size (16Mb)

Special Maps

We’ve refreshed the Special Maps to include the new symbology for walking tracks, updated special seasonal road closures and other improvements. For example, the Mt Buffalo map now shows the special seasonal closures they do up there, which are not included on the list of Seasonal Closures released by DELWP. A similar closure system applies to Falls Creek which doesn’t show up without manually inserting it, which we’ve now done.

Special Maps cover the whole feature at a large scale. Example: Buffalo Special

We’ve also added a new Special for the Buangor State Forest and surrounds. Did you know there are several huts in there?

Also updated are the Large Maps – the entire state at 100k and the state in two maps at 50k, in OziExplorer format.

If you download your maps through Avenza using their ‘map store’ (ie not by manually importing them) your copies should offer to update themselves. For every other method, replace your existing maps with the new ones at The Map Table.