Next Stop: NSW

We’ve started our expansion into mapping New South Wales, as part of the broader project to map the whole country.

It was always the plan to one day map the whole of Australia, but each state has its own challenges around accessing suitable data, matching formats, licensing, private land designation, data quality etc. NSW has some weird stuff around exclusive use licenses covering some state forests, so we’ll need to sort that out.

As with Vic, we’ll be using a multi-layered combined data approach, to try to make up for the gaps in each dataset. If one source says the road goes left and another says it goes right, I’d rather just give you both than try to guess which is true. How much variation there is … had to know until we get into it.

Wish us luck!

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  1. Fantastic! Your maps are brilliant. I really look forward to having my own state NSW. I hope you will get more donations so you can continue with the whole of Aussie.

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