Huts ahoy


You would not believe how hard it is to get solid Hut data!

I pulled the Vic Gov list – it’s about 100 huts, 1/3 of them are not even there, and HEAPS are missing. I pulled data from several lists I found online, and added every hut I’ve ever been to, looked up track notes, removed those reported destroyed. Some of them are in NSW around the border, but most are in Vic.

I then went through every record, plotted each one, manually removed duplications, looked up every one in 3 sources of satellite imagery, corrected locations, relabelled some as ruins, and any I couldn’t find from the satellite image but can’t be sure has burned down I labelled as (approx).

I have 341 Huts now, not including ruins, most of them in Vic, some in adjoining areas.

Feel free to download the waypoint file that I COULD NOT FIND ANYWHERE, but I thought should exist, so I built it myself – just like the maps. The file is provided as a GPX which should work most places, and a WPT for OziExplorer.

If you have any that I’ve missed, or if I’ve made any other mistakes please let me know.

Download the waypoint file here.