Version 9 now on Avenza

All Version 9 maps are now live in Avenza, from 25k up to 100k. The index has been updated as well. 2019 seasonal track closure layer is in it, so if you have older versions use the app to do an update.

Older 25k and 50k maps should prompt you* to update them to the new version. If you have the older 100k maps you’ll have to get the new ones manually as they use a different split and different names. If you have a bundle, the contents will have updated and allow you to keep the bundle but with the new contents.

* From Avenza: “map versioning will become a feature in the app with 3.7, which should be released at the end of the month, if not very early June. Once users have 3.7, there will be a button next to each map they have downloaded, prompting them to update to the latest version of each map. “

Visit Getlost Maps on Avenza

Other Formats

Website versions are still uploading … the 25k OZF set is almost 13GB alone, to give you some idea of the level of detail in it. The 50k set is about 3.5GB and the 100k set is just over 1GB.

Most people probably won’t need the 25k, or won’t need all of it. The 50k has the same features; the 25k has higher resolution contours and a bigger scale for accurate work.