Corrections, download issues

We’ve had a handful of reports of missing .map files when downloading particularly the 25k sets of Ozi maps. After checking, all the files are there, so we can only guess it’s some kind of transient error at the Google Drive end during the zipping process. We moved to Google Drive to avoid this kind of thing! If you’re missing one or two files, it’s probably easier to just go in and grab them individually (you can use the search to help) or you can even search for all the .map files in the folder and download them as one. As we can’t replicate the error, it’s hard to say what’s causing it.  

It turns out that Avenza played some games during the map upload, swapping some files with some names. Yarrawonga and Foster had their names swapped, as did Hume and Gammon, and some others … these were the names on the 50k maps – the maps themselves were fine and if you had downloaded by picking the map for a given location you’d be fine, but if you went looking by name you’d find the map of somewhere else.  These ones have been fixed, but if you find any more let us know. 

Avenza also did some even more exciting things in swapping whole maps around, putting the wrong map in the wrong place – the couple we know about were fixed. 

If you come across any other file issues like this please let us know. We have had about 850,000 maps downloaded so far, and we’re working on Version 8 which hopefully won’t have these problems, fingers crossed.