25,000 Maps And Counting

We’re on day 8 since we launched, and about 25,000 maps have been downloaded so far. 

That’s great! But it’s also a problem. We’re getting through our data allocation like it’s free beer at a summer wedding, so we’re going to run out of bandwidth. 

We are also still having trouble with people trying to download some folders, with the downloads failing.

The work-arounds, like the Web Drive access, are not as easy to use as we’d like, and they don’t fix the bandwidth issue. 

New Plan

We’ve signed up for a Google Drive account (they are rebranding them to Google One shortly, but it’s the same thing), which is big enough to hold all the map data. It’s a monthly cost, but it’s Google, so I’m hoping it’s pretty close to bullet proof. From what I can see from my reading, we shouldn’t be at risk of us reaching their download limits. 

The upload to this new location will, of course, take time. Probably days, maybe a week. Until then, the current download methods will stand. Once the maps are all uploaded, we’ll change the links, update the website, fiddle with the DNS … techy stuff, but basically we’ll let everyone know how to use the new system and make it live. 

Watch this space for updates on when the new system is up and running. 🙂