Download Methods

Some users were reporting problems with downloading certain folders, even though other folders were working fine. We haven’t found out what is causing these errors, but the effect is the zip file ends too soon and is therefore too small, corrupt and won’t open. 

We have taken a couple of steps to change the downloads to make things more flexible. 

3-Part Split

Taking feedback about where people actually go, we’ve divided all the 25k mapsets into three groups instead of two. 

Instead of East and West, you will now see East, West and Far West. The divisions are by map number; 7000-7499, 7500-7999, and 8000+. The new Index file in those folders (and in this post) should help you understand where the split was made. Lots of people go East, lots go West, but not so many go Far West (a line though Buangor, roughly).

This is the same split we’ll be using in the upcoming Avenza Maps series.

Web Disk

We have also added Web Disk support. 

This allows you to connect to our server almost as if it was a USB drive plugged into your computer. You can then download files or entire folders at your leisure, and if the download stops, just start it again and skip the files you already have.

We built pre-defined scripts to do the Web Disk setup for you, and they’re available, with instructions on how to use them, from the Downloads page. 

If you’re having trouble with any of the downloads, please let us know