Avenza Maps are Live

We did it! We now have 431 maps, the entire 1:50,000 V7 set, listed in the Avenza Maps store. I say ‘store’, but they are of course available free.

You can get the Avenza Maps app completely free on your iPhone or Android, including on tablets and iPads. You won’t need the paid subscription version. 

You can then search for “getlost” in the store, or click here to view our listed maps. The 50k series is in there for now, but we plan to get the 25k series in there as well.

Are they still free?

Yes, each map is available entirely free.
Download one, two, or 431 of them without giving us a cent.  

Because the Avenza platform allows maps to be downloaded without ever visiting our website,  there is nowhere in the process we can offer the ability to make a donation to support the project and help us make more maps.

To get around this, while every maps is available for free, we have packaged up all of the East, West and Far West groups into ‘map bundles’, which are then available at a small cost.

You don’t have to use the bundles – you can just download all the maps you want, one by one – as many as you like – for free. If you want to help support us getting these maps out to everyone who wants them, and keeping them updated, and live in multiple formats, buying one of the bundles is a way you can make a donation to the project.

If you’ve already made a donation some other way, just say the word and we’ll send you a free-download link to the bundles in Avenza.