East vs West

We’ve decided to split up Western maps (7XXX) and Eastern maps (8XXX) so you can just download one group or the other. This will go live shortly. 

The main reason is that of people find they just want the high country etc, so they just need the East. Maybe you just do the Wombat and around there, so you only need the West. Save you some time and some downloads, eh?

Of course you can still download both – and even download them both together, using the download button in the top right (just use it when both directories are on screen – don’t go into either of them. 

Note that the 7xxx/8xxx East/West divide line might not be where you think it is – it’s not the CBD. The updated 50k index files show it more clearly, like the image below. 

Basically the line puts the Bunyip in the East, and the Dandenongs in the West.  

50k index, East vs West, click to enlarge