Viewing Getlost Maps in Google Earth

Here’s a bit of a tip for those who want to take a look at the maps in-situ, overlaid in position. 

  • Open Google Earth (free software) on your computer
  • Drag and drop your xxxx.tif map (the GeoTiff version is the one you want) onto the Google Earth map
  • That’s about it!

What you’ll end up with is something like this – Google Earth as you know it, but with the Getlost Map overlaid.

You can zoom in, look around, just as you normally would, only you’re in the Getlost Map, and it’s been placed in the correct spot on the earth and scaled for you.

Future development

We plan to make this kind of overlay available online, one day, so that you can view where you are with a Getlost Map overlay right there on phone or device, but that’s a little way off yet.