Preview the new download location

The files are uploading now to this new server. 

If you want a sneak peak, you’re welcome to see how they’re going – they are on their way to www.getlost.com.au/maps. You can see for yourself how many are there and how many are still to upload! Any you see you are welcome to download, of course.

Want to see a sample but can’t work out which one to look at? 
Try this one: It’s the Version 5, 1:25k, 8123-3-N_JAMIESON_NORTH

Paying the piper

When you visit www.getlost.com.au you might notice you’re actually being sent to getlost.ihostfull.com – that’s because we’re still running this whole thing on a free server at the moment. It’s one of the very few free servers which can hold this much data and doesn’t meter monthly downloads. It might even be the only one!

If we can get just $20 more donated, we can upgrade from the free service and get access to a lot more features, including fixing the URL problem.