Version 5

V5.1 (25k) Added more campsites and helipads from a new dataset, as unlabelled icons.

Unlabelled icons replace some POIs and more POIs added; steep track section (skiier), ruin (wreck), hut, camping area, picnic area, parking area, helipad, toilet. Some data is from Vic Parks so it shows the odd old hut which is now destroyed. When they pull their finger out and fix their data, or I work out how to fix it for them, this will be solved. OSM 4wd tracks and walking path data added (purple), on Vic Govt of track data (red). They vary slightly in some places so you’ll just see both (in some places both exist). Some POI duplication because I’ve added 3 different sources and can’t filter the repetition other than manually and the dataset is 85,000 points, but different labels used when that happens. Solid red line is sealed road, dashed line is dirt, purple is OSM. Went back to EPSG 3857 to fix projection at the edges of the state so it better aligned with the vicmap divisions.