Getlost Couriers

When other couriers tell you to get lost, come to us.



Difficult Delivery Specialists


Whether it's the middle of the desert, or the middle of the night,

We Deliver Where Others Won't. 

Including remote areas, 4WD access, hike-in, coastal marine, out-of-hours and direct-drive.

Getting a battery or a jerrycan of fuel delivered to you in the middle of the desert is tough... but not too tough for us.  Having needed medications walked in to you at your campsite in the high country... that's what we do. With a fleet of modified 4WD vehicles, a yacht and other vessels, white water kayaks, and even radio controlled drones, we deliver just about anywhere.

Impossible Deliveries Possible

About us


Remote Area Document Service

We will carry your documents to a hut in the mountains, an outback station, or a desert campsite, get the signature you need and return them back to you.


We love a challenge. 


That's why we will pick up and deliver your package wherever it's possible to go...


And that's just about anywhere.

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