Don't Get Lost.

GetLost Map puts the whole State of Victoria (Australia) at your fingertips, online and offline, with free 1:25,000 and 1:50k topographic maps for you to download.

I use OziExplorer when I'm out bush, on my Android tablet, phone and laptop, whether I'm on the bike, in the truckosaurus, riding a yak, riding a camel, riding a camel which is riding another camel, getting my snowshoes dirty, or just sitting in front of the fire wondering where to go next.   

The problem was, I was sick of getting by with sub-standard offline maps of Victoria, either because:

- Their coverage is limited (Adventurers are great but don't cover everwhere)

- The level of detail is crap (250k isn't much good for walking)

- They're way out of date (Festy's are good but they're almost of marriagable age)

- The POIs are useless (I want to see cool, relevant stuff)

- They cost dollars (I'm not paying 431 x $5.50 to Vic Gov to download auto-generated PDFs)

- Bush tracks are just not visible due to contrast, colours and sizing (OSM and Festy)

... so I built my own.   
And they're all yours.  FREE. 

Stay safe. 

Don't get lost. 

Get Getlost.      



Version 7 
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